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In the era of widespread digital transformation across industries, Dokumento serves as a vital link between physical and digital documentation. Our cutting-edge AI OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine seamlessly extracts essential information, eliminating the need for manual data entry. The processed data is securely stored and organized within Dokumento's robust Document Management System (DMS), ensuring high availability and durability for your documents.

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Precision-Enhanced Text Recognition Solution with Confidence Scoring

Dokumento's OCR technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to seamlessly identify text within various document formats – be it forms, tables, or receipts. A distinctive feature is the confidence rating assigned to the scanned text, indicating the AI's perceived accuracy of the captured values. This solution adeptly recognizes typewritten, handwritten, and even cursive writing to a reasonable extent, as long as it's legible and comprehensible. Dokumento further enriches the experience with a comprehensive dashboard, presenting valuable insights into your scanning endeavors within the solution.

Template-based Scanning Experience

Dokumento's workflow involves the creation of a document template through scanning, establishing a consistent foundation for upcoming documents. This strategic approach ensures that the fields to be captured in subsequent scans maintain an exact and reliable format. While scanning the template, users can easily crop and adjust the document's orientation, further refining the precision of field extraction.

Auto-detect key-value pairs in the document

Dokumento streamlines the process by automatically generating fields for identified values within the document. Powered by artificial intelligence, it adeptly detects prevalent fields like addresses, names, emails, and phone numbers, alongside recognizing specific field names present in the document. These fields are then presented to the user, granting the opportunity to review, rename, and verify their accuracy before finalizing the scan and saving the data.

Easy-to-Navigate Document Management System (DMS)

Scanned documents find their place within the Document Management System (DMS), categorized and organized according to the identifiers established in their respective templates. Within the DMS, users have the capability to access and review all documents, along with the option to filter or search based on categories, divisions, and even specific field values, enhancing the precision and efficiency of their search results.


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