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Introducing the PowerApp: Elevating your Crowdstrike experience to new heights. Our dedicated team has meticulously crafted this cutting-edge application to seamlessly enhance your existing Crowdstrike capabilities. With the PowerApp, we empower your Falcon deployment to effectively implement URL blocking, further fortifying your cybersecurity posture.

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A Falcon Firewall Management complementary solution

The PowerApp seamlessly complements CrowdStrike's Falcon Firewall Management module. Within the PowerApp console, Falcon administrators can effortlessly implement firewall policies for web filtering. These policies are automatically enforced through your Falcon Firewall and extended to your host groups, ensuring streamlined protection.

Easy integration with Falcon instance via API

Effortlessly link the PowerApp to your CrowdStrike Falcon console via API integration. This API enables smooth policy reading and writing between the CrowdStrike Falcon console, and also facilitates the assignment of host groups from the Falcon console to your Firewall policies.

Used for web-filtering that leverages IP to block domains

PowerApp employs IP addresses to execute web-filtering seamlessly. Whether it involves individual or multiple IP addresses, an IP address range, or an entire CIDR block, our solution effectively blocks specific domains, ensuring comprehensive control over web access.

With built-in categorization for every type of URLs

Power App provides meticulous URL categorization, employing a comprehensive system that includes categories such as Entertainment, Social Media, Games, and Porn. This robust categorization enables precise and efficient site blocking within the same category, ensuring comprehensive content management.


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